Foster & Associates

Foster and Associates has been exploring the Offshore Gulf of Mexico for oil and gas since 1983.  To date, Foster and Associates has been involved in drilling 236 wells, of which 191 have been successful (80%).  As of June 2018 these wells have produced 2,044 BCFE and are ultimately projected to produce 2,287 BCFE.  For over 36 years we have been involved with four clients/partners for oil and gas exploration:  Transco Exploration, Seneca Resources, Hunt Petroleum and Castex Energy.

Foster and Associates uses state of the art regional seismic data and their extensive geologic knowledge to mitigate risk and achieve maximum efficiency finding significant oil and gas reserves.  As Explorationists we focus on understanding regional geologic trends, AVO analysis and our innate oil exploration abilities to ensure our client’s success.

Exploration for Production

Comprised of seasoned, accomplished veterans in the field of offshore oil and gas exploration, Foster and Associates has become a name synonymous with discoveries, production and client satisfaction.

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